National Program

Children Charities Melbourne


The National Program is an amazing adventure camp experience that offers young people the opportunity to gain vital life skills, as well as expanding their minds and experiences. The National Program expands on camp programs currently held at Cottage by the Sea in Queenscliff and encourages young people to learn new things about themselves, realize new opportunities they never thought possible, and make new friends while participating on a challenging and exciting camp. Through this adventure of a life time young people enhance their self confidence, interpersonal and social skills and the belief to achieve their dreams.

One of the partnerships included in our National Program is the Horizons Program, conducted by the Cathy Freeman Foundation, in delivering and hosting camps in Melbourne (including Queenscliff) and the ski fields of Mt. Buller in Victoria.

Note: Donations obtained from different Australian states are reinvested in children’s programs from that particular state.


  • to encourage young people to learn new things
  • to improve levels of self confidence
  • to develop social and interpersonal skills
  • to explore and broaden new horizons
  • to give the adventure experience of a life time
  • to provide an exciting camp with a high level of safety and challenge


Relative to the Cottage, school, home, community

  • attendance and active participation
  • academic success and enjoyment
  • positive role models
  • healthy lifestyle
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • social skills
  • respect for self and others
  • increased opportunities

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