“Each day should be a gold medal day for all children, not just those of privilege.”
Cottage by the Sea is a place where children are given new opportunities to become winners. I want to be part of this, and it is the reason why I accepted the position of Patron.

Cathy’s role as patron

“My role as Patron not only gives me a chance to assist the Cottage in raising mCathy with indigenous campersuch needed funds, but more importantly, allows me to meet, laugh, play and generally have fun and interact with many of the children who attend camps at Cottage by the Sea.”

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed being Patron of Cottage by the Sea and I hope the Cottage and all the children have enjoyed the benefits that I, in my own small way, can help to provide.

I really love my association with the Cottage and it aligns with so much that I am trying to achieve through the Cathy Freeman Foundation and the Horizons Program. We make a great partnership.


We thank Cathy for her help in awareness raising and fundraising and we look forward to every visit she makes to the Cottage.