First Camp of 2017


Last weekend we welcomed back our 2nd year REEF group. It was an early morning pick up at Leopold PS where we collected 20 smiling faces. Once arriving at Cottage the kids and staff were straight into the water for a beginner’s snorkelling session – with everyone enjoying the underwater sights. After lunch we were on the bus and off to Queens Park in Queenscliff where the REEFies split into groups to conquer the Great Cottage Challenge. In their groups the kids walked around Queenscliff and completed set tasks – some silly, some serious with a photo required of each as evidence that it was completed. On the return back to Cottage everyone agreed it was time for another swim. So down we headed to the rock pools and cooled off, throwing balls in the water to each other and the enjoying the time relaxing.

After dinner it was still warm and the REEFies proposed we have a go at squiding at the Queenscliff Marina. Even though we didn’t catch anything, we all loved relaxing and chatting to each other.

After a hot night, we were up early and straight down to the beach for surf. The car park was mayhem already as people were gearing up for another hot day. The REEFies were so well organised and efficient in getting the boards down to the water that we were surfing by 9am. We surfed and mucked around in the water until mid morning and returned to Cottage for another swim while Jess and Foxy made some chicken and BBQ pizzas for lunch. After eating it was declared that some quiet time was needed, so the classic movie Frozen was put on in a bid to help the kids cool down during the hottest part of the day. After 45mins of rest, the REEFies were ready for more action and wanted to have another crack at snorkelling. Mask and snorkels in hand, we wondered back down to the rock pools where we stayed until it was dinner. Some of the REEFIES built their confidence up and were swimming in and out of caves. Jae and Bill’s special chicken fried rice went down a treat and the Kids really got stuck into Mel’s chocolate mousse.

Never the less the REEFies woke up in high sprit and were keen to get in the water Sunday morning. Relay races, more snorkelling, paddle boarding and ball games were our activities of choice and we were the envy of everyone on the beach. After an action packed morning it was time for lunch and give the Cottage a quick tidy up before it was time to say good bye. Bill finished off the final circle time and got the REEFies pumped up to start their first year of high school.

They were dropped off with smiles on their faces and very tired bones.


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