From happy campers:

  • At the start of going to Cottage by the Sea I had no confidence at all but by all of the encouragement of the staff and the other campers has really helped me gain more confidence
  • It is really good to smile and mean a smile and not have to fake it. I’ve never smiled so much in all my life!
  • The REEF/Mentor program has helped me become more team minded and not just think about myself
  • Cottage has helped me in many ways from helping me meet new people and friends to building my confidence to a level where I am able to hold a conversation with someone who I normally wouldn’t.
  • I say thank you to the Cottage staff for being there when I am sad or angry. I am so happy to be going to the camps that I have been to.
  • Cottage by the Sea has provided me with opportunities I would never have had   otherwise and given me experiences I will remember for a lifetime.
  • It gives me the chance to get along with different people and think differently   about myself and others.

From happy parents/carers:

  • First of all Thank you!! My daughter recently attended your camp and loved it. We tried to get her into your camp a while ago through a child and family services worker but it all fell through so she felt very privileged to be able to attend through school. She is still talking about the camp almost 2 weeks later. So it was fully worth it. She really loved all the gifts that you guys had given her to bring home. Little things like that mean a lot to her considering money is so tight and with things been so chaotic with one of her sisters working with a mental health worker. She well and truly deserved the break from being a big sister to 3 other kids. She also had a chance to put her anxiety and depression away for a few days which shows me you guys provided an extremely welcome and relaxed atmosphere.
  • I would like to thank you all so much for having my children at the Cottage. It was just what they needed after the hard time we are having at home. Having their Dad diagnosed with a mental illness has been very hard. I have cried many tears since getting home this morning with my girls. Too see them so happy makes me feel happy. Your generosity is overwhelming. They have been through their bags and showing me what they have been given. They are just so excited. Thank you so much I wish there was more I could do to help support the great work you do at the Cottage. Thank you once again for making my girls so happy and showing them that they can still have a good time even when times are a little bit tough. The girls say thank you so much for giving them such great memories of their time at Cottage by the Sea.

Schools and Agencies

  • Thank you for providing such a wonderful camping experience for our children. They enjoyed the variety of activities and we were very impressed with the staff who ran the program with smooth efficiency. It was wonderful to sit back and watch the children happily playing on the beach building sandcastles, swimming and enjoying the beach. For many of our children this was their first camping experience and for some their first time away from home. The success of the Cottage’s program as demonstrated by the children’s enthusiasm and participation throughout the week will give them the confidence to participate in future camps.
  • It was fantastic to witness how your very skilled and committed staff engaged our diverse group of kids in the whole camp experience. Leadership, working together, persistence and communication skills were just of few of the skills regularly and skilfully woven into the days. The location was breath-taking and not too far from home if needed. The length of camp was good too. The children could quite likely remember this mind-opening experience their whole lives. Thank you for this fantastic experience for our students.