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Children Charities Melbourne

The definition of charity is an act or feeling of kindness or goodwill or a voluntary gift of money or time to those in need. There is no better feeling than helping others. A charity is a medium through which you can donate money or resources (clothes, food) which will then be given to people who need help. Donating allows for the charity to help disadvantaged people in Australian society.

When you think about disadvantaged people in society, most people accept that no matter how much you donate, it will not be enough. The level of equality is simply too uneven among the different layers of society, we, as individuals, seem powerless to change this. It is easy to understand where this feeling of powerlessness comes from, but the fact is that it is unwarranted. Although inequality is indeed severe and extensive, most people tend to just forget how many people there are in Australia, and just how vital each bit of spare change can become when added to others. When donating to an efficient charity, each dollar and cent can make a drastic change in the quality of a child’s life. You don’t have to be rich to make a difference; a child’s life can be drastically changed by even just a small donation. Those children on the fringes of society can be extremely benefited by aid which grants them essential resources and in turn leads to a better standard of living. We are a not-for-profit and non-government registered childrens charity that provides inspiration, fun and opportunity for disadvantaged children in a friendly, safe and beautiful seaside environment