Disadvantaged Children Charity

Children Charities Melbourne

Cottage by the Sea is a non-government, not-for-profit Australian charity for disadvantaged children based in Geelong. Our aim is to encourage disadvantaged young people to strive for a healthy and happy childhood. Setting children up for the future is a key aspect of the Cottage by the Sea experience, and in order to achieve this we make it our primary goal to provide the children with Inspiration, Fun and Opportunity. Camp experiences is a major key in this, here they are encouraged to create new relationships as well as strengthen existing ones with their peers and our highly experienced team of Staff.

Our ‘Take a Break’ program is our weekly program on offer, it is offered to primary school  aged children. It encourages the children to get outside and try a range of different activities that they normally would not attempt, all in the safety of our camp. The average number of children at any individual camp is between 12-21, depending on a variety of factors. The small number ensures a close-knit feeling for the children and enables the staff to be able to pay close attention to each individual child. Over a one year period, we normally see around 1,500 individual children attend our camps.

Cottage by the Sea is a Melbourne Charity based in Queenscliff, Geelong. Our staff include camp leaders, who take the lead on the camp experiences and are qualified in a variety of recreational activities that we regularly employ to keep the children occupied and engaged.