Disadvantage Children’s Charities

Children Charities Melbourne

Have you ever had the feeling that you need to help other people? Maybe this feeling was caused by a reaction when you witnessed a struggle and realised that you could help that person. No matter what this struggle was, our first instinct as humans is to help when we see a disadvantaged person. But with thousands of people within Melbourne that are disadvantaged, it is difficult to know who to help and which charity will use your donation to help others best.

The best way to decide which charity to donate to is to research into potential Australian charities. Cottage by the Sea is a charity specifically aimed at helping disadvantaged children in Victoria. We are a not-for-profit and non-government registered children’s charity that provides inspirations, fun and opportunity for disadvantaged children in a friendly, safe and beautiful seaside environment. We strongly believe that every child, every single one, deserves a high standard of living and a chance for a happy and healthy lifestyle. At Cottage by the Sea each child is encouraged to have fun, make friends and consider different options in a helpful and caring environment. While on camp, our staff encourage children and help them to build relationships with other children, staff members. We endeavour to help disadvantaged children their self-awareness, courage and adaptability, encouraging them to remain engaged in education, family and their community and to achieve their goals.