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Our childhood is the time in which we grow, develop, learn and form our basic understanding of how the word works based on our experiences both at home and at school. For most, their childhood is a time of priceless memories to remember and recount at any given day. But for others, familial, social, economic and behavioural factors limit or cease the opportunity for experiences to not only enjoy but learn and thrive from. Cottage by the Sea was formed to help children affected by any of these factors and create an environment in which they can be exactly what they are:  children. Through the empowerment of children, we are able to affect not only them but also their future.

Cottage by the Sea prides itself on 125 years of charitable work as a top Australian Children’s Charity and the many young lives we have helped. Our experiences are tailored to provide disadvantaged children with inspiration, fun and opportunity.

“The children gained confidence, language skills, and learned to participate in activities independent of their families and hence fostering a feeling of self worth and being part of a new community.”

Every child deserves a happy and healthy childhood. Donate to charity today.