Charity Organisation

Children Charities Melbourne

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same economic background, some people are less fortunate than the average Australian. Some people need more help than others do. A perfect way to help those in need is to donate to a charity. A charity is an organisation that distributes its resources among those less fortunate people in our society in order to help them in the present, and aims to help them to help themselves in the future.

Cottage by the Sea works extremely hard to help children, due to their vulnerability. We endeavour to keep children from harm and strive to enable them to have access to top quality education and health services. We have been a children’s charity for over 125 years and we have helped many children and their families. Our focus is to create lasting change, by doing this we are ensuring that by the time the children have developed into adults, they will be capable of living their life to the fullest. At Cottage by the Sea, we endeavour to give power back to disadvantaged children by helping them to develop their well-being, confidence and health. We prioritise teamwork, respect and encourage children to be secure, healthy and active. Children are given the chance to engage in a variety of outreach and leadership programs in a safe and beautiful group setting.