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Cottage by the Sea has been established as a highly-regarded Australian charity for over 125 years. Based in Victoria, we strive to improve the lives of disadvantaged young children. We have an experienced team of staff who have dedicated their lives to helping those who need it. We also have a large community of volunteers who assist regularly.  Whether its Take a Break, Reef or Mentor, our programs are all centred on encouraging the creation of new friendships, the strengthening of existing relationships and the development of the child’s self-belief and confidence, all in a safe and healthy seaside environment.

The facilities at the Cottage in Queenscliff are all designed specifically for children. The Cottage receives no government assistance and is a registered not-for-profit charity. This means that our facilities are being constantly upgraded due to the generosity of individuals who are kind to donate to charity. You can be assured that almost all of the money donated to help our cause goes to helping the children through facility upgrades or the funding of camps, as less than 15% of donated money goes to administration costs.

All the children who attend our programs are from families who need that extra little bit of help that we can provide. Our programs encourage the children to live healthier lifestyles, through both exercise and nutrition. The development of confidence and self-esteem is also essential to our programs, which is why each child is given the opportunity and is encouraged to try new things. Our programs not only help the children, but also their families. Sometimes the children we help come from families that have experienced recent loss or are unfortunately burdened by poverty. One week camps provided by Cottage by the Sea for a child can take the stress of the family and allow them to re-focus their lives.

Our charity has been supported by many great people from our community including renowned chef Curtis Stone and AFL Superstar Jimmy Bartel. Our many supporters have helped shape Cottage by the Sea to be one of the best Australian Childrens Charity.