Children Charities Melbourne

Cottage by the Sea provides Take a Break programs for primary school children, who are usually referred by teachers and school welfare staff, social workers, community welfare groups, refuges, doctors, etc. Ongoing programs are offered via our REEF and Mentor programs. More information is included in our Daily Procedures Manual and Protective Behaviours Policy. Copies of these and other policy documents are available on request.

All children attending the Children’s charity Cottage by the Sea must first complete the relevant enrolment documents – CBTS Enrolment Package. The package includes an enrolment form, declaration, camp requirements and summer and winter clothing lists. All food is provided by the Cottage so children and visitors are requested not to bring any food with them. We have a “no nut” policy and cater for a range of allergies and dietary requirements.

In the event that Cottage by the Sea is advised of a CODE RED alert, children will be taken back to the designated drop off point originally agreed upon. The parent/guardian or emergency contact person (all of whom are nominated on the enrolment form) will be immediately phoned by CBTS staff and must attend the designated pickup location and sign the pickup form for the child to be released.

Contact our Referral Co-ordinator to check eligibility prior to submitting a referral. Submission of an enrolment form does not guarantee inclusion in a camp.

Phone: (03) 5258 1663

Fax: (03) 5258 4347

Medical requirements

  • If your child is on prescription medication in tablet form, you must send the medication in a Webster Pack, which can be obtained from your chemist.
  • If your child is on any other prescription medication (such as syrup, ointment, Ventolin/Asthma puffer, spray or cream) a letter must be completed by the child’’s Doctor providing endorsement/authorisation for Cottage staff to give your child their medication. The Doctor must note the condition, dosage and times the child requires this. The letter must be displayed on the Doctor’’s own letterhead, with the Doctor’’s stamp and signature. Medication must be in original package.
  • If the medication is over-the-counter, all that is required is a hand written note from the parent/guardian with the dosage details and giving Cottage staff authorisation to administer this medication. Medication must be in original package.
  • Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in your child being unable to attend camp.
  • All children are checked for lice/nits on arrival at camp and will be treated with a natural product if needed.